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Moon Letters Trilogy
Book 1

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Finding The Siren

A Merfolk Reverse Harem, Single Story.

Sirenity thinks the ocean is out to get her. A tragic accident on the shore during her birth took her mother from her. When she learned how her mother died, she avoided the water almost her whole life. The day of her twentieth birthday, she finds out the same water took her father’s life. Sirenity faces finding her place in a world without her father, only to run into three men that will change her life forever. These men throw Sirenity into a part of herself she did not know existed, that has a remaining family member who wants her dead. These men sworn to protect her, yet one deceives her. Sirenity becomes captured by a merfolk queen who wants to take powers from her, the ones she is still discovering herself and learning to use. This causes Sirenity to not only accept who she is becoming but battle to keep herself and her new kingdom alive.

Book no.2
Book no.1
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